Hurricane Season 2021 – Grenada – August 1-October 24

St. Georges, Grenada Quarantine Anchorage

After we got through port health and had our negative COVID tests, we were free to roam the island. We headed to Calvigny Cut in Woburn Bay. The wind is strong, but it is sheltered and the water is clean. The other anchorages in the area are more mangrovey – Hartman Bay, Hog Island, and upper Woburn Bay.

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Winter 2019/2020 in the US Virgin Islands on Echoes

Winter 2019/2020 in the US Virgin Islands

We had our new to us Toyota RAV4 picked by a transportation company to be delivered to Miami for shipping by Blue Ocean on a Crowley cargo ship. We headed from our summer apartment in Arlington, Virginia. We don’t normally get a porter at the airport, but we were loaded with supplies for the boat. Too much luggage! But, it is a migration rather than a vacation.

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Provisions and Prices from the Florida Keys to the Virgin Islands

We sailed from the Florida Keys to the Virgin Islands via the Thorny Path April-June. I thought it might be helpful if I threw in some generalizations about the costs across the route. Nothing new here, but here is a rough ranking from most expensive to least expensive with color commentary. The usual caveats apply, YMMV. Interested about your experiences. Continue reading